January 2011 Horoscope: Love, Career, & General Trends
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March 2011 Prediction for Aries (march 20 ,april 20) : A stronger need for personal freedom takes hold this month Aries. You resent any feeling of being caged or enmeshed in routines, rules, and regulations. You are putting more faith in your instincts and your judgment. The result is more spontaneity and possibly more adventure or risk-taking in your life than there has been recently. You are more assertive now as well, and your ability to trust your intuition is heightened. Ideas are flowing and you express them more freely in November. Some of the problems that have recently stumped you now find resolve. The 15th is strong for making solid plans or commitments with a partner. You may be asked to speak on the 19-20. The Full Moon on the 21st can bring financial revelations or news. Financial and love matters find more clarity after the 18th.

March2011 Prediction for Taurus (April 20 ,May 21) : Your attention turns to debts, loans, and finances this month, Taurus. Taking charge of your finances, particularly those to do with a partner or from a source other than your basic income, becomes necessary. The first week of the month can bring emotional issues from your past to light, particularly those surrounding relationships. Past partners might resurface now. From the 18th forward, general fogginess tends to clear up. You are more confident about the direction you'd like your life to take. Friendships become clearer, and so do your business plans. The need to resolve tricky financial or intimate matters is strong, and energy is now excellent for objective analysis and for solutions. The 21st brings a revelation about a partner.

March2011 Prediction for Gemini (May 21 ,June 21) : Gemini there is a provocative energy surrounding you that tends to pull previously buried issues with others to the surface for resolve. You might have more energy and confidence to pursue a new relationship. You are taking charge of your work and daily health routines this month. It's a strong period for starting a new program or routine to improve your health or work, especially after the 18th when career matters become clearer. More credibility on the job is likely now. Your humble confidence will go a long way towards improving your reputation and professional status. The last ten days of the month are especially favorable for love and relationship matters. You can now clear the air and move forward.

March2011 Prediction for Cancer (June 22 ,July 22) : Energy is dynamic this month for work and health Cancer. It's a good time for applying to projects that require attention to detail, as well as for researching and implementing new health routines and programs for self-improvement. It's important to you to set your own pace and rhythm. If you are feeling like a slave to routine or to the schedules of others, you might stimulate conflict with people around you. If you've been waiting for word on a new job or a career plan, it's more likely to arrive this month. Love matters move forward after the 18th, when confusing emotional situations begin to dissipate. It's also a strong time for creative pursuits, educational or legal matters, and travel.

March2011 Prediction for Leo (July 23 ,August 23) : Romantic activities heat up this month Leo. You are considerably bolder this month after a period of introspection. Your zest for life and your tendency to take risks - emotional, romantic, and creative - increase. Of course, you might want to control your purchases, as you may be overconfident now. Romance is more passionate and stimulating, although the increased energy can also lead to some strife. Competitive endeavors thrive. Financial matters, particularly those shared with a partner or money sources other than your basic income, become clearer and move forward. The 15-16 brings better energy for all money and practical matters. Family life improves dramatically later this month, which helps you to let your hair down and enjoy yourself without guilt.

March2011 Prediction for Virgo (August 23 ,September 23) :Improvements in your relationships are likely this month Virgo. A partner is easier to understand from the 7th forward, and love dynamics are more direct and straightforward from the 18th. Increased activity on the home front is likely now, and you can use this energy positively by working on reorganizing, renovating, or otherwise improving your domestic life. If you don't harness and manage the excess energy, however, you might encounter resistance or strife with family. Some opposition to your plans on the job is possible this month if your heart is elsewhere. You have more confidence for pushing forward with creative ideas that you've been keeping to yourself. Finances improve after the 18th. You are clearer about how to spend and save money effectively.

March2011 Prediction for Libra (September 23 ,October 23) : Your intellect is energized this month, dear Libra. Learning, sharing knowledge, and communicating with more confidence all figure strongly in November. At times you can speak quite rashly or you could find that you're impatient with slowness or passivity in others. Use this increased mental energy productively. You might present your ideas with much enthusiasm and confidence, which can increase the likelihood that they're accepted and admired. From the 18th forward, you are more decisive and direct in your dealings with others. Work also improves and any work matters that have been stalling begin to move forward. Finances are a strong focus, and around the 21st, you might settle some debts or obtain a loan. The pace of the month is very busy and dynamic.

March2011 Prediction for Scorpio (October 23 ,November 22) : It's a strong month for personal influence, dear Scorpio, particularly after the 18th, when you come across more smoothly and warmly. You can tackle challenges and problems more effectively than usual. Watch the impact you have on others now, which is considerable, and make any tweaks necessary to improve the impression you make going forward. Romance improves considerably. A partner or lover is easier to understand in the second half of the month. The 21st brings relationship issues to light. Your creative juices flow more smoothly and reliably in November. Energy to make more money is very strong now. You don't take kindly to anyone telling you how to manage your finances, however, and this attitude could stir up some conflicts.

March2011 Prediction for Sagittarius (November 22 ,December 21): Stamina, energy, and confidence are with you this month Sagittarius. You are more assertive and direct when you are going after what you want. However, until the 22nd, part of you craves some solitude as you instinctively pull back from putting your heart into new endeavors. Admirers and love interests make their interest in you known. You are more communicative after the 8th. Home and family matters improve greatly from the 18th. You might receive news of securing a new residence or property, or your domestic situation is more satisfying and comfortable. While your love feelings remain deeply personal and private, you begin to trust your instincts about love matters more faithfully. Work matters are illuminated around the 21st, when your job demands special attention.

March2011 Prediction for Capricorn (December 21 ,March20) : Relationships are once again in focus Capricorn. Tricky or complicated dealings with others tend to clear up after the 18th, when your communication skills improve and your dealings with others are more direct and straightforward. The 20-21 brings a social matter to a head or culmination, demanding your immediate attention. Money from a business or self-employment increases at this time as well. Your intuition surrounding finances improves, and you are able to put more faith in your ability to manage your money effectively. Despite a busy social agenda this month, you are moving into a more introspective cycle in which you crave more time to yourself, more sleep and rest, and more solitude in general. Take this time for rest and reflection, as December promises to be especially busy.

March2011 Horoscope and Astrology Prediction for Aquarius (January 20 ,February 19) : Your instincts for finances improve this month, dear Aquarius, and you might enjoy a pay or income increase. Career and professional matters are in strong focus, and you're ready to take charge of this area of your life. Your reputation improves after the 18th, when you bring more warmth to your professional manner. The 20-21 can bring a career project to a head. Your social life is very busy throughout November. Teamwork is emphasized, although there can be some strife with friends if you are pushed into the background or you are unable to set your own pace socially. Conflicts are lessened if you take the lead and work towards a common goal with others. Romantic opportunities might present themselves through your friends or group associations.

March2011 Prediction for Pisces (February 19 ,March 20) : A feel-good month is in store for you, Pisces. Both your rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, turn direct this month, pointing to increased confidence, energy, and clarity. You have a lot of energy for career matters. You are motivated to make money and you feel, for the most part, on top of your game. If you are able to set your own pace when it comes to work, you are at your happiest. If tied to routine or eclipsed by others, you might stir up some negative energy that leads to complications or conflicts professionally, however. Try to find ways to work independently without causing friction for doing so. You are enthusiastic about your beliefs and wear your ideas with confidence and authority this month.

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